CiES Digital Fuel Level Sender for Cirrus Aircraft

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  • TSO and STC Approved for all Cirrus SR20, SR22, SR22T G1, G2, and G3 aircraft
  • Complete kit includes CIES Digital Fuel Level Senders, Aerospace Logic FL202G Two Tank Digital Display, Installation and STC paperwork, and all required interconnects (Garmin Perspective integration requires S/W Update v0764.15 and subsequent, see SB 2X-42-08 R1)

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Conflicting information between your “Fuel Level” and your “Available Fuel” has never been a comforting situation. False alarms due to erratic fuel level senders are never welcome in the cockpit.
The admonition to “Not trust your fuel level gauge” has been ingrained from your first flight.

It's about time to put that aviation maxim to rest.

Fuel Sender - CIES, Inc.


The CiES fuel level sensor utilizes a magnetic pair located on the float arm which is detected by a non-contact sensor outside the tank. This level sensor system is vibration immune and is ideal for fuel or other liquid level sending for all aviation applications.


Accurate Fuel Management Starts
with Accurate Fuel Measurement



CiES Inc. binary sensor system allows a distinct address for a multitude of float level locations. Multiple distinct and repeatable float level locations allow the display to more accurately depict the actual fuel level in the tank

FAA Certified and installed in current production aircraft.

This sensor component is a paradigm shift for fuel level in sub 12,500 lb aircraft. The sensor system provides unprecedented accuracy and reliability in a difficult operational environment.

Environmentally tested to DO-160˙F


Application Notes

The Aerospace Logic Display will show a unique fuel imbalance alarm methodology tailored for each aircraft installation.


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Advanced Aviation   (flyADVANCED – Lancaster-LNS)
530 Airport Road (717) 735-5179
Lititz, PA 17543
Aviation Resources   (Jim Barker)
101 Airport Avenue, Hangar #7 (715) 822-3413
Cumberland, WI 54829
Clear Star Aviation
4765 Frank Luke Drive (972) 267-2376
Addison, TX 75001
Corporate Air Center
15452 Airport Drive (360) 757-7757
Burlington, WA 98233
Corporate Flight Management
276 Doug Warpoole Rd (615) 220-2957
Smyrna, TN 37167
Interstate Turbine
6070 Perimeter Road (843) 554-9191
Charleston, SC 29406
Leading Edge Aviation Services - Manassas
9998 Wakeman Drive (703) 257-1006
Manassas, VA 20110
Leading Edge Aviation Services - Tampa
6582 Eureka Springs Road (813) 626-1515
Tampa, FL 33610
Lone Mountain Aircraft
2830 North Rancho Drive (888) 566-3686
Las Vegas, NV 89130
Mather Aviation - Van Nuys
7240 Hayvenhurst Place (818) 782-7494
Van Nuys, CA 91406
Million Air - Richmond
400 Portugee Road (804) 222-3700
Richmond, VA 23250
Monaco Air Duluth
4535 Airport Approach Road (218) 727-2911
Duluth, MN 55811
RGV Aviation Limited
Hangar SE4, Gloucestershire Airport +44 (0) 1452-855501
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL51 6SP
United Kingdom
Sigma Aerospace Pty Ltd
Hangar 7, Tamworth Airport +61 (2) 6760-7644
Tamworth N.S.W. 2340
Vector Air
395 Airport Drive (303) 664-0633
Erie, CO 80516
Wisconsin Aviation, Inc.
1741 River Drive (920) 261-4567
Watertown, WI 53094
Woodland Aviation
25170 Aviation Avenue (530) 759-6036
Davis, CA 95616
Yolo County Airport – KDWA

CiES Fuel & IPS level sensors are factory installed in all new CIRRUS SR20 & SR22 production aircraft

Retrofit for Center Gauge

  • Aerospace Logic has worked with CIES to develop a fuel level indicator that is compatible with our unique output.
  • Provides an effective Fuel Imbalance Warning.

CIES Sending Unit
The CIES sending unit is a direct physical retrofit replacement for the existing sender as illustrated to the left.

However, wiring changes are required to integrate these level sensors into your aircraft as the CIES Fuel Level sensors output digital data and not the resistance analog information from the existing senders.

The upper illustration shows the existing sender in your tank
The lower shows the new CIES Fuel Level Sender replacement

What is Required:

  • 12 volt input (auxiliary) to the inbd Fuel Level Sensor
  • 12 volt input (auxiliary) to the IPS Level Sensor
  • 2 additional wires between the inbd and outbd sensor
  • New wire harness mating connectors - Switchcraft EN3 Environmentally Sealed
  • New software for the MFD and/or the Aerospace Logic Display to replace the existing fuel level indicator

CIES Accuracy


This technology presented by the CiES fuel level sensor presents a unique level sensing solution that improves upon all current aviation fuel level sensing systems in the following ways:

  • Accuracy

Native digital sensor provides 169 discrete addresses for float location in the SR22 main tank.

  • Reliability

Reliable fuel level indication even under DO-160(F) Vibration testing. Tested for service in aircraft vibration simulation for over 1 million cycles without failure or duress.

  • Intrinsically Safe

DO-160˙F tested Explosion Proof - No electronics in the tank.

  • Digital

Sensor output directly into the Garmin MFD.

  • Non-Contact

Any aviation fuel type - including the eventual replacement for 100 LL will be compatible. Unlike capacitive systems fuel contents, additives or contaminants will not alter the level readings.

  • Corrosion Resistant

Teflon coated and passivated stainless components in the tank.


Retrofit Kit

Aerospace Logic 200 SeriesFuel Quantity Display

Retrofit kit TSO and STC Approved and available for installation on all Cirrus SR20, SR22, SR22T G1, G2, and G3 aircraft. The retrofit kit utilizes the Aerospace Logic FL202G Two Tank Digital Display.

Aerospace Logic

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